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Flat Rate Pricing

Have you ever been quoted a job only to have that price creep up as a contractor "discovers" new things that they were not aware of when giving you the original quote? We offer flat rate pricing to protect you from such surprises.

Huckabee's Heating & Air Conditioning offers our customers the ease of flat rate pricing for heating and air conditioning repair work for two reasons:

1) So you know what a job will cost before we start the work.

2) It supports our mission of 100% satisfaction. Why? Because if we have to abide by a quoted price, that means our HVAC technicians are studying your system to understand the true problem. This protects you from bad advice and unneeded expense.

HVAC Repairs Are Not Expected

No one wakes up on a hot summer day, and expects their air conditioner to bite the dust. HVAC repairs are typically not a welcome part of the household budget. This is another reason we give our customers the peace of mind of knowing up front how much something will cost to service, repair or replace. We want you to know we're protecting your hard earned money.

Flat rate pricing is just one of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction. Huckabee's Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to enhancing the level of your indoor comfort control, and doing that better than any other local contractor! Our air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality products are leading edge, efficient and reliable solutions.

Our primary goal, and the reason we offer flat rate billing is this: your complete satisfaction. If our customers are happy, then we stay in business, and we get to enjoy doing what we do best. Contact us today at (559) 662-0336 for the finest heating and air conditioning repair, replacement and installation services you have experienced.

Flat Rate Pricing

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